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Hi all, please some one respond as soon as possible cause im freaking out for two days now cause i had sex for the first time and we didnt use anything... i know it's stupid but it was just a moment happened, so please dont preach me about protection now :( im so scared its too late now cause my parents would kill me if they ever found out! :(
ok, so, i had my last period 15 days ago and idk when the next one is cause they are always irregular and i never kept track.
What are the chances I'm pregnant? When can i take the test and hoe much does one cost? how will i buy it? i cant just go in the store... im freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
please someone help me!xx


Hi Tooyoung,

You had sex about 13 days after your period started?  15 days ago minus two days freaking out?  Timing is important that's why I'm asking.

Here's the rundown on "averages."  You won't like this but don't freak out.  I'm giving you this straight.  If you were regular the chances would be very good, about 1 in 5.  You picked probably the most fertile time of your cycle.

Usually, if you had a normal 28 day cycle, you would ovulate between days 11-16.  You had sex in the middle of this range.

His sperm can live about 5 days.  Your egg, about 48 hours.  So, if you ovulated on day 11, the egg would still be viable when you had sex 2 days later.  Even if you ovulate on day 16, his sperm is still there, waiting.

You need to keep track of your periods.

Things to look for are, some very light spotting.  It would be very light, you wouldn't need a pad or anything, about a week before your period.  It would be implantation bleeding.  You might see it in about a week or so.

In about 2 weeks or so, I'd go to about 3, if you haven't had your period take a home test.  By then it should be able to determine if you are pregnant.  Testing early can give a false negative, that's why I add the extra week.

Good luck.

Keep us posted.  We're all here for you if you have any questions or need anything.



If you can't go to the store, ask someone at school (just assuming you're still in) or something to go for you. I know it sucks and it may seem really embarassing but its better to know and be prepared keep putting it off. Trust me, you are not the first person this has happened to and theres no reason to feel alone. Talk to a friend you trust and let her know whats up. And if you are prego, when you go to tell your parents, bring her with you so there won't be so much tension. Good Luck :)