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I had suffered hemorrhoids on and off for a number of years. I visited a colorectal specialist a few times who gave me steroidal creams and once performed a rubber band ligation on an internal one...All successful. A few other times I simply used creams, wipes and added fiber to my diet....I should disclose I am gay, HIV positive but on meds, undetectable and totally healthy. I also enjoy anal sex so hemorrhoids also interfere with my sex life. I have also tested positive for HPV and was diagnosed with a high grade squamous cell lesion (which is considered pre cancerous) . The lesion was treated successfully and I just have to be monitored regularly.

Right after Christmas I developed a hemorrhoid which severely prolapsed. It became quite uncomfortable and home remedies were not working. I found a specialist who saw me within a week. He was the head of the colorectal department at the largest hospital in the city. He said surgery was necessary. It was described as an anal polyp.

Surgery was scheduled for three weeks later. In the meantime the pain had dissipated. I was very careful with my bowel movements but the polyp wasn't shrinking.

On January 19 I arrived at the hospital. I was given a room and soon was wheeled into pre surgery where I was set up with an IV. Shortly thereafter I was sent to surgery. Full anesthesia, ..out like a light. An hour later I woke up in recovery. A little pain so the nurse gave me some pain medication and I was fine. Within three hours I was released and on my way home with a sitz bath, percocet, milk of magnesia, colace, and miralax.

The first day was uneventful...pain killers I guess. I didn't want to take the percocet because I was so afraid they would bind me up so I stuck with Motrin 800 which did take the edge off. I made sure I took my metamucil. colace and milk of magnesia. I ate very lightly. Rice, soup and juice. I had a little trouble urinating....everything tenses up down there but eventually was able to.

I arranged to take the rest of the week off from work...Basically Tuesday, the day of surgery through the following Tuesday.

Didn't have a bowel until the second day...The moment I dreaded...Hurt like hell, but at least my stools were soft. I immediately cleaned using moist wipes and sat on the sitz bath....That was the life saver.

For the next week I was very uncomfortable but not intolerable pain...Bowel movements were still very painful but again the sitz baths immediately after were great. I was able to get around, not confined to bed or anything. Went for walks but rested. The main reason for not going to work was the constant sitting and the fact I couldn't have a bowel movement without an immediate sitz bath. The following Tuesday, 1 week after surgery was the first bowel movement without pain. I went to my doc that afternoon and he said I was healing well. For the rest of the week I came to work just afternoons. Was really tired by the end of the day. It's amazing how discomfort in your core area just radiates out making you feel weak and tired.

The one thing I have noticed is the constant discharge from my anus. First week mixed with blood but even after 5 weeks I'm still getting some. Yellow with mucous. It is decreasing a bit every day but wonder when it will end. I bought absorbent sheets that are placed on beds for accidental urination and cut them in strips. I crease them and slide them between my cheeks to absorb the discharge. Keep a few extra at work too.

In summary a relatively simple surgery with a pretty long recovery. One full week off work, one week 1/2 days. I'd say at the 5 week point I'm at 90%. Anticipate I'll feel totally healed in 2-3 months. One good outcome...I changed my eating habits...No sweets, little red meat. less snacking, more fiber, vegetables, soups, grains and generally less portions and no snacking...have lost 10 lbs. in 5 weeks.

Find a good doc, prepare to be home for a while, eat well and take care of yourself.




hang in there, had my surgery in November. I had 4 internals that were the biggest the experienced Dr had ever seen. I have found overeating has been rough, anytime I eat too much the day before my bowels can get me pretty sore, but otherwise I am glad I did it and will gladly do it again if it should come back. 



in response to the over eating comment: I've been sticking to a vegetarian diet (90%) of meals. instead of going once every day or two (pre hemi), I go 1-3 times per day now. Not over night, but after a couple of weeks. It cuts out a lot of good food, but my ass health is more important than my sweet tooth! As I've always said, it's not how much you eat as much as WHAT you eat. I'm still trying to find that good middle of the road as far as what and what not to eat and in what proportions. I have been using "colon max" but don't know if it's 100% my new diet or this in addition that makes EVERYTHING flow!!! Alternating shifts don't make for a good way to set up a regular pooping routine, which played a part in the original problem. What I CAN say is that if I had a diet half this good before (ate healthy but not a lot of veggies ), I wouldn't be posting and searching right now! And trust me, I ate better than most before, but now I eat better than everyone I know.