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Before I tell you this you have to know that I come from an ultra conservative background, if my gf became pregnant, any ground I've made with there parents would be lost and they would "kill me", my parents would be so dissapointed as well as all my relatives and my church would kick me out. If my parents even found out I had sex it would kill them.

ok, well I had sex with my girlfriend the other day, I used a condom and everything but I may have not used it correctly, I didn't hold the base of the condom as I pulled back out and am worried that sperm may have seeped out the top of the condom because the thing was full all up to the top.
it was 5 days after her period ended. I have a pregnancy test but it says to wait 7 days and its been 4. I am sooooooo worried and can hardly talk to my parents and there being so nice to me today, I feel terrible. I know my girlfriend is the one but If my parents found out we had sex before marriage that would be sooooooooooooo bad, so please help!


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If sperm came out while you were inside Then yes she could be pregnant. You will just have to wait an do test.
It dosnt matter where a girl is in her cycle. there is always a risk of pregnency.
I hope she isnt. Good luck