BACKGROUND: My girlfriend stopped taking birth control pills toward the end of November of 2013. It seems that she has irregular periods but I don't know for sure, because I just started keeping track of her periods and she doesn't keep track at all. The beginning of her cycle was on Friday Feb 22, 2013, her last cycle was 32 days long. I am using an app to help track periods and predict ovulation; it predicts that she ovulated on March 9 and will have bleeding starting on March 23 (two days ago). I am very nervous that her period hasn't started but she isn't worrying. She has not exhibited any of the PMS she typically has nor any pregnancy symptoms yet (Thank God!). WHEN SHOULD WE EXPECT HER PERIOD?

INCIDENT: On March 10, we had brief unprotected sex (literally, six strokes before using a condom). I detected no pre cum before entering and upon exiting (I know that you can't feel pre cum etc.). I personally don't believe that there is cum in pre cum, unless there is leftover sperm in the urethra. That being said, it was at least two days since a previous ejaculation and I urinated at least twice. The question is WHAT IS THE LIKELIHOOD OF THERE BEING ANY SPERM IN MY URETHRA?

Sorry, I know this is as long as a life story, but three days after the first incident we had sex again with different circumstances. My girlfriend is "supposedly" allergic to condoms, so we typically use non latex condoms. But this time around we used a regular latex condom. About five mins in I pulled out then I noticed this creamy white fluid (not consistent with her typical sex fluids) on the condom. I am very sure that it was not my ejaculate or hers, WHAT COULD THE CREAMY FLUID HAVE BEEN? COULD IT HAVE BEEN AN ALLERGIC REACTION? p.s. this was in the same week that the app predicted that she would ovulate and I'm sure that she didn't have an infection or anything. We have also used latex condoms after that time and it didn't happen again.

Thanks for bearing with me through this long question, and thanks for any responses!