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Condom broke midway any chances of pregnancy? Okay so I was having sex with my girlfriend and midway throughout the condom broke from the side I felt the condom breaking and I pulled out immediately. I had no precum at all the head of my penis was completely dry. The only time I had precum is during foreplay and I had all my clothes on at the time. Her period ended 8 days prior to us having sex. What are the chances of her getting pregnant?


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If precum was present during foreplay and that continued to getting undressed and having sex precum would of still been present in your urethra when you put the condom on and started to have sex, also if her period had finished 8 days before the incident she would of been close to her fertile stage based on a 28 day cycle, as to if she would get pregnant no one can really give you an accurate answer on that, based on what you say I would say highly unlikely but there is always that 1% chance.