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I recently had my baby (cesarean) and started having sex again one week later. I know this was a crazy thing to do, but it was only a few times due to the bleeding that occurred after intercourse (or during!). One month later, I had what seemed like a very heavy period that lasted longer than usual. One month after that, I had a very light period (or perhaps spotting?) which lasted 3 days. This month, I haven't yet had a period and I was worried that I may have gotten pregnant from one of those few times. I have been nursing since November, on cue and with no additional liquids given. Anyone with any thoughts?


I have recently gone through what you are talking about (except we waited longer to have sex) Some people say that breastfeeding exclusively is a form of birth control. There is a chance that you could be pregnant but it could just be the weird things your body goes through after you have a baby. I had a period every 2 weeks for a while after I had my baby. I was on the mini-pill and when I stopped taking it I went back to normal and haven't had a period for 6 months.

If you are worried about it I would say take a test and get it off your mind :) Hope this helps!