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Hi there everyone! I have an 8 month old that I am exclusively breastfeeding. At 6 months, I had a regular cycle of about 4 days but since then nothing. My husband and I are consistent in using protection, but I am worried that I may be pregnant. I took a few days ago and it came back as an error. I was extremely ill with my son almost immediately but havent felt the slightest bit lately. Could I be pregnant or am I worrying for nothing? Thanks!


Dear cX3,

   Missing or totally not having a period while breastfeeding is normal, many women experience the same thing. Don't be like some and think that it is a form of birthcontrol, it's not. No period, no ovulation, no pregnancy.....don't try and trick mother nature. That was a general statement and absolutly not directed to you.

Stick with your birthcontrol and you should be fine. Once you stop nurseing your baby you should see a period within a few months with complete normalcy there after.