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Hello i had a baby four months ago and im breast-feeding,recently i had unprotected sex with my partner but he pulled out. I took a morning after pill 5hour after sex .i had brown spotting on my panties before sex .is there any chance i could be pregnant because people say breast-feeding while pregnant can harm the baby


Hello Sandy

It all depends on how long you breastfeed and the frequency of breastfeeding. A mother who breastfeeds her baby exclusively and even during night time, will have her periods resume after say nearly 12 months.

Brown spotting could mean resumption of periods and it is quite likely that with unprotected sex - the chance of pregnancy is quite high. However it is well documented that many women breastfeed while getting pregnant with another baby. So, continue breastfeeding your baby. Also, if you do not wish to have another baby so soon, use protection during sex.