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Okay, so I'm not sure where to start...I have an almost 9 month old baby who I am currently breastfeeding. My periods were pretty normal after her birth. My first period was 10 weeks after she was born...I'm thinking that was right on schedule. Then then next few came right on cue...until July...My july period was about 1 week late, then came and lasted its usual 5 days...then about 1 week later I had spotting (which was heavier than my usual period for a longer amount of time...very odd) I actually talked to my dr about that one and he told me to come back if it continues for the next few months. It stopped after about 1 week, and then 1 week after that I either started spotting again (for over 1 week) or got my period. This didn't feel like a period...but very well could have been I suppose. Anyway, that was Aug 22 that started, and Aug 30 when it stopped. Being that this bout of spotting started on the 22 it says period, but that fact that I didn't have any of my usual symptoms...or bleeding pattern says that it wasn't my period so...dunno what to do with that.

Anyway to the sypmtoms I've been having...I always have digestive issues, so bloating isn't an unusual thing for me...but I have had a tummy pudge for over a week now, and haven't felt really uncomfortable (I am gassy though). Ever since I have been breastfeeding I haven't had all that much feeling in my nipples, and the feeling has suddenly come they seem to be "erect" all the time, which is odd for me because they kind of vary depending on my body temperature...if I'm warm they usually just blend in with the aereola...if I'm cold well you all know what happens when you're cold, plus they've been kind of sensitive, or raw feeling. I get waves of nasea throughout the day, a lot dizzy spells, and really bad headaches. I also get cramping every now and again, not to mention the out of control mood swings. I am always hungry...which could also be because i breastfeed. I also noticed this morning when I wiped that there was a creamy pink-brown tinged dischage...but thats it. (the discharge will NOT be an STD I've only ever had one partner in my life) I know this is all kind of puzzling, and I'm sure I'm not prego, but I'm thinking a test, and worrying my man isn't really worth it I am not sure if I have missed last months period, or got last months period and am still waiting another week-2 weeks for this months period.

Any help would be great :-)


okay, so I could be on the wrong forum...have no clue what is going on but...I just used the washroom again, and this time when I wiped there was red blood...just the first wipe, and none in my underwear...ugh...womens bodies are sooo complicated...I'll getter figured I hope