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My husabnd and I have 4 children. Our youngest is only 11 weeks old, two weeks ago we had intercourse without a condum, but I am on birth control and breastfeeding my son. Since breastfeeding I have not had period. I noticed late last week alittle spotting early one morning and red the next morning and turing brown by the end on the next day. Not much just a few times through those two days. Could I be pregnant? One sign I always knew I was pregnant was the little bumps aroung the nipples, right now I am healing from Thrush I recieved from my son. So my breasts are always sore and tender.


If you are the right age, have all your reproductive organs and having intercourse, it is always possible that you are pregnant. Nothing is 100%. I'm sure you know that.

However, most women who breast feed don't have their fertility return until almost a year. But that of course varies between women and can depend on how often baby feeds, if you are exclusively breast feeding etc.

I know between the time I had baby and my period returned, I had what is called break through bleeding. It isn't a true period, there was no ovulation before hand. It occurs when part of the lining of the uterus breaks away because your hormone level has dropped a bit. Sometimes it can be enough to be just like a normal period and other times it can be a bit of spotting.

This is what I would think is the most likely cause, however, like I said prior, you can never rule out pregnancy.