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hey guys. i give birth to my first son on july 8 then had my period september 24. I counted 28 days since my first period until now. I am 4 days late and strictly breastfeeding! but we use pacifier to let him sleep when he finished drinking. Uhm, i had a severe stomach pain but no Pg symptoms. But still scared because my son is still 3 months old and i dont want to have another this early! We used pull out method perfectly too.. But how come i missed my period? 4 days delay.. But i have a vaginal discharge, like plain white and kinda brown. Oh god, i dont know what to do. Am i pregnant? I didnt use prgnancy test yet.




Hi RenmaeBas, I wanted to start by saying congratulations on the birth of your son. It's very important to let you know that the "Pull Out" method of birth control is not very effective, and I would recommend using a more effective method. That being said, I have had four children and breastfed all of them, every woman and every experience is different, even with the same mother and different children. Some women, myself included, don't have a period the entire time they are nursing due to the hormone changes brought on by breastfeeding. Other women, myself included with a different child, start menstruating 1-3 months after giving birth, but are irregular. Also, the frequency which you are nursing plays a large role in when and how regular your cycle will be, the more your baby begins to feed, (times per day, and amount per feeding) will affect your cycle as well. The discharge you are experiencing could be just what little lining and blood your uterus is trying to expel because it does not have the full amount that it would normally have when hormones are in balance and not fluctuating due to breastfeeding. Because you are spotting, you should consider yourself fertile and able to become pregnant, there are myths that say you cannot become pregnant while nursing, I am here to tell you that is just not true. My first two children are a year a month and a day apart. 20 and 21 now, but I conceived second baby when first one was 5months, and nursing him exclusively. So, do be careful, it was a lot for an 18 year old to deal with. I hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!