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i had unprotected sex the day my period ended. i dont know if he ejaculated in me tho. for the next two weeks i was feeling fine. i had no pains and i didnt think anything was wrong. about 2 weeks later i had unprotected sex again. and my boyfriend claimed that he did not ejaculate in me. but ya never know. a couple days after that i wasnt feeling myself. to this day, about 14 days after the last time i had sex, i am still not feeling myself. i have cramping(not painful tho) i havent really been feeling nauseas tho. i recently got a pregnancy test and it came back negative. but i still have a feeling that there is a chance that i might be pregnant. there are some other signs that i have been having. like i've been tired, peeing alot, and cramping. but the one thing that is keeping me from thinking i am pregnant is that i am ovulating. now i know that you usually dont ovulate while pregnant, but i am. and i dont know why i am. it feels like i am getting my period, but its actually just me ovulating.


Hi all,

Here’s my story:
1/5 1st day of period
1/14 unprotected sex w fiancée (not planned)
1/15 plan b less than 16 hrs later

The first day I didn’t have any symptoms. I’ve had no bleeding or brown discharge. A few days after plan b, I began to feel dizzy, nauseous, and crampy. I’ve felt dizzy and had cramping since. My boobs became sore and “inflated” on 1/27 for a few days.

1/31 I got my period. It’s lighter than usual so far and painful. I was convinced I was pregnant because the symptoms lasted well beyond the 24 hours listed on the medication. Pregnancy tests have all been negative.
-worry wort