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My 1st pregnancy I miscarried and the second was a struggle with a bleeding problem until into my 2nd trimester (subchrionic-hematoma). I now have a 10- month old son and am 5 weeks pregnant. I follow a holistic practicioner along with my conventional OBGYN. Instead of taking the easily prescribed pre-natal vitamin I am targeting my bodies needs with specific vitamins consisting of folic acid, for-til b12, blackstrap molassas, protefood, & calcium. Along with drinking red raspberry leaf, & echineachea tea. My concern is that I feel too good to be pregnant. I have no symptoms at all. No breast tenderness, or morning sickness. All i have is a growing belly, that seems to get puffier everyday. I could be over reacting from my last 2 bad pregnancy experiences, but I am concerned. Is it possible to have a pregnancy this easy if my body is balanced from the vitamins I am taking along with my diet? Is it possible to have no pregnancy symptoms and a healthy pregnacy from alternative care? Thanks, carissa


It is possible! w/ my first pregnancy i was symptom free.
however, when i went to the Dr. for my first prenatal, at what i thought was 7 weeks, they found that the fetus hadn't grown, so it took about a week for me to miscarry, and it was during this week, that i oddly enough started to feel nauseous, EVEN THOUGH my HCG levels had dropped significantly!

but i have heard of women going through pregnancy for the whole 9 months feel top notch!