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Okay this morning i took a clearblue pregnancy test and it said positive. i was shocked cause the doctor told me i might not be able to get Preggo and i honestly nervous n shaking. Im only 20. can anyone help me out with the basics of what to eat and not eat/drink since i don't go doctor till may 10th. Thanks :)


Hi Shelly,

First of all, congratulations.  Are you happy about the pregnancy?

Not all doctors are correct and can give the proper diagnosis especially because the body is such an amazing thing and can do amazing things when people think it can't.

Eating?  Normal foods, don't increase your intake by much just a little bit more.  Proteins as this is great for baby.  Fish but limit that to about twice a week.  Eggs are great brain food for the unborn baby.  You will get cravings, do not starve your body of these cravings just be aware of how much you are eating.

Vitamins, you will want to go out and get a prenatal vitamin that includes folic acid.  This is extremely important to your unborn baby and if you are unsure about brand just ask the pharmacist.  Vitamin D is extremely important and you may want to include a fish oil pill.

Hope this helps and good luck.

P.S. If you call the doctors and let them know they may up your appointment date.



Hi Shelly,

Congratulations on your new found pregnancy.

I am 4 months pregnant and i got bombarded with stuff not to eat or drink but honestly, there are a few things you should stay

away from such as deli meats, there are enzymes in them that can cause issues with the baby, and soft cheeses like brie

Camenbare, goat cheese.

If your a coffee or tea or even a pop junkie like i was, try to limit your intake as much as you can too much

caffeine, isn't good either i have been directed to have one medium tea a day and i have cut out all caffeinated pop but your still

good to drink ginger ale, sprite and even A&W root beer as well as mug root beer if you like brown pop compared to clear.

Like Lizardqueen420 says don't up your intake too much gaining too much weight can be harmful for you and your child, and if you

crave it just eat it, believe me if you don't eat your cravings they wont go away until you do, at least that's my experience. 

I was terrified when i first found out I was pregnant didn't know what to do or who to talk to about anything, your doctor and

pharmacists are there for a reason if you don't know just ask them they are full of information for you.

Watch out for medications too now that your pregnant there isn't much you can take over the counter like you used to, i have come

down with a nasty ear infection which apparently i can take medication for but I also have the flu at the same time and all that i can

take for the cough and soar throat is Halls without centers, no cough syrup allowed and Hot beverages help a lot.

Don't be afraid its actually quite and awesome experience especially when you have your ultrasounds seeing the baby move and

seeing whats going on inside of you makes up for all of the yuckiness that you may feel like being tired all the time or possibly

morning sickness.

I could go on for hours lol but before i go watch for dehydration drink lots of water and if you notice that you are

getting dehydrated there is an amazing item its called " Gastrolite" It helps to rehydrate you fast, stay away from sports drinks

they have way too much salt in them, but gastrolite has just the right amount of sodium with and other vitamins to help, its

amazing and it works well, I had severe morning sickness and that s the only thing i could take to really help with the dehydration

water just wasn't doing it .

Again Congratulations and good luck with the baby



Thank you both! :) yes im happy bout being pregnant. i have a problem with taking large pills. always afraid of choking on them and i heard those pre natal vitamins are huge. Is there any substitution vitamins to take?.


You know what Shelly I'm going to say talk to a pharmacist on that one. I don't know of any and yeah, I guess they are a little large. People who can do pills don't notice as much I guess.
Again, Congratulations