so for the better part of a week i have been really stressing myself out because i think i'm pregnant. my boyfriend doesn't think i am but that's not a surprise to me. i had sex 4 times during my last cycle (not while i was bleeding, after i was finished) on jan 22, jan 25, jan 27, and jan 30. my last period was from jan 14 - jan 21 and i have been regular, 28 days in between cycles.

two days ago (feb 14) i took a pregnancy test which was 4 days after my period should have started (should have started feb 10-17). it came back negative. i am going to do one tomorrow morning which will mark my period being 1 week late.

some things i will add is that i recently moved back to school where i live with 3 other girls. one of them was on her period the week before i was supposed to start. i do not know if this has affected my cycle in any way. also, i believe (but am not positive) that i started bleeding lightly on jan 31 to about feb 4. it was light and short and i freaked out thinking it was implantation bleeding. i believe it fit the time frame for it so i am still unsure if this was implantation bleeding or just an early/light period due to my pheromones getting mixed up with my roommates.

also to note, i have never had unprotected sex. my boyfriend always pulls out before he orgasms, and out of the 4 times we had sex, he orgasmed twice, one of which i know was on jan 30.

ladies, i am asking for your advice, opinions, and anything else you can add. i have been pretty stressed out about this and school for awhile. please help!