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I've developed a bump on the right under side of my shaft. Its red in color and puffy, similar to a blister, but its under the skin. I'm able to spread the skin to thin it out. It doesn't hurt or burn but when my underwear & shorts rub against it I can tell its there. I have no kind of discharge or any other kind of symptoms. Is this something I should be worried about?.. Please reply & thank you in advance!


I developed this recently.  It was on bump on the underside of the glans and it looked like a zit.  For me, it is not herpes, because I do not have herpes--fact.  Mine came from masturbating through my underwear and it caused a friction burn on my shaft and underside of my glans.  

I put some aloe vera gel on it and some Curash jock itch powder and it went away.  

Leave the guy alone for a few days.  Good luck!