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So about a week ago I noticed what I thought to be an ingrown hair on the side of my penis close to the base. It's pretty big, the area of main concern is about the size of a pea but i can feel some other tissue below the skin that extends to about the diameter of a quarter, it is detatched from the actual penile shaft however. I'm sexually active and had sex about the same time as this happening. The girl and myself are std free but I noticed a bump there prior to the night with her that i thought was the beginning of an ingrown hair (we were both drunk probably a poor choice). Needless to say the sex made it worse and now its been there for a week.

It's kind of purple around the main area with the main area being more red. I don't think it's an std based on what Ive seen online but i was thinking it might be a cyst of some kind. I tried to pop it and a fair amount of puss came out with some blood but it didn't go away. I'm trying to keep a hot wash cloth on it 10 min at a time a couple times a day but not sure what to do about it other than keep it clean. Anyone know what this is and have any other ideas on what it could be or what i should do?


how long was it like this?? what do I need to do to get it to go away?? Worried about this.. haven't been sexually active and not sure what to do about this situation???