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I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend and we have been using the pull out method. It is December and i never came on in Novemeber , and lately i have been experiencing cramps and white discharge. but i got a negatkve pregnacy test. can i still be pregnant


Hi Tia,

Yes you could be pregnant. 

1.  False negatives are very common with home tests.  False positives are very rare.

2.  The pull-out method is an extremely unreliable means of birth control.  Precum can contain sperm.  If you ever have sex twice in a row there would be semen in his urethra.

When did you expect your last period?  If it has been more than 7-10 days then retest using a name brand test (not a cheap dollar store test) and you MUST use your first morning urine as well.  It does make a difference.

Good luck.