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My husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby on 07/20 we had unprotected sex in hopes to try. I had a small amount of bleeding 2 days after sex and didn't think anything by it. I have been noticing the last couple days thay my back has been hurting and my stomach feels hard. I also have tender nipples and my cravings are out of wack, I don't know if that is because of PMS or Pregnancy. My Period normally starts around the 3rd of the month and nothing so far. I took a test today 08/04 and got a negative it too early to test?


Hi Cry,

2 weeks after sex is the earliest you can test but testing early, false negatives are common.  False positives are rare.

You must use your wake up pee for the best accuracy - more so testing early.  Use a good name brand test, not a dollar store test.  If negative, and no period, retest in another week or so.

Good luck.