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So I spotted about two weeks ago and I was supposed to start my period a week ago , I've took 3 pregnancy tests in the past few days and they are negative. I've been peeing a lot too . has this happened to anyone before ? My period never comes this late . 


Hi Heaven,

Yes, the tests can fail.  False negatives are VERY common.  The tests are really only accurate when they indicate positive - false positives are very rare.

Retest.  Be sure to use ONLY your first morning urine.  It is more concentrated and more likely to give you an accurate result.  Be sure to use a name brand test too.

After about 10 days late you may want to see your doctor.  If necessary they can perform a blood test.  It is important to find out why you aren't having your period.  NOTE:  You can sometimes just miss a period.

Good luck.