Even repeated warnings to recall canned chili, stew, hash and other foods potentially contaminated with poisonous bacteria didn’t prevent some stores from keeping the cans on their shelves.

Castleberry’s Food started recalling over 90 potentially contaminated products over fears of botulism. The recall involves two years' worth of production from Castleberry's Food's in Augusta, Georgia plant that includes tens of millions of cans.

The possibly contaminated products are still being found in convenience stores, gasoline stations and family-run groceries, all the way from Florida to Alaska. The risky items have been found in 250 of the more than 3,700 stores checked.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that four people had fallen ill and hospitalized due to the poisoning after eating Castleberry’s products.

Having only four people sick doesn’t seem to worry many but the problem is that many do not realize that such poisoning could put them in the I.C.U., without being able to breathe for weeks.

It is believed that the Castleberry’s missed cooking properly some or all the products, which led to survival of the Clostridium botulinum bacteria in the cans. Bacteria who survive can produce a toxin that causes botulism, serious paralytic illness. The bacteria make gas that causes contaminated cans to swell and burst. The toxins are so potent and they can be inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the eye or skin cracks.

There is a big worry that word of the recall of the Castleberry’s products has not reached all consumers and retailers. The biggest concern represents smaller shops and stores. The recalled products are being found in Alaska, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, New York and elsewhere.

People who have any recalled product at home are advised to double bag them and throw them away.