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So this is kind of long and complicated, but pretty much I went to Africa (Ghana, in west Africa) for two months from April - June. Got sick a few times, normal stuff. They told me I had malaria at one point, but they never did a blood test so who knows. Got food poisoning at the end, threw up everywhere and ended up staying almost a week longer because I was too sick to fly. So normal stuff for Africa! Hahaha.

But since. My stomach has not been right since. It was really off when I first got home, as I was still recovering from the nasty case of food poisoning I got. I was also taking Lariam, which makes me nauseous anyway, and it all just kind of came together and I could hardly eat. That passed after two - three weeks. Then I would just get these really bad cramps and felt nauseous - I took zofran for over two weeks just to deal with it. Switched malaria meds. Okay, better. At this time there was also a lot of pus in my stool. This was probably around early June. Stomach got better as time went on. I had been taking on antibiotics for some other things, and they actually seemed to help. I slowly, VERY slowly, started re-introducing my body to different foods that aren't bland and awful. Pus got less. Stomach still hurts to touch but it's fine.

So fast forward to a week and a half to two weeks ago. I feel really good! I'm not tired all the time, and I can eat most any food. Dairy products are a struggle, but we're getting there. Sometimes stool is soft. It's fine. Go to the bathroom one day... and there is blood in my stool. I feel fine. It still hurts to the touch sometimes but I even started jogging again, which hurts my stomach at first but then it passes! Ignore blood. It will pass. Couple days pass, notice blood again. It keeps happening. Finally, last Sunday, it happened again, and I caved and decided I had to acknowledge it. Stool is soft. I have no pain. I go regularly. There is no blood when I wipe. It streaks the stool, or dots it. It's not BRIGHT red but it's not dark red, either. I haven't seen any since Sunday, but today my stool was... really soft. Ack. I hate talking about poop.

So what exactly is the likelihood that I have a cut up there (I believe the scientific term is anal fissure) or hemorrhoids or something else, well, minor? I've had anal fissures before and they hurt like hell and bleed when I wipe. My stool is soft. I should have no cuts. Could I just be... I mean I couldn't possibly just be imagining it, but what could this possibly be? I am getting better. Could it be an intolerance? I haven't seen any since Sunday. Could it have passed? I'm so freaking confused!

I have probably gone to my regular doctor 5 - 6 times since I got home. I've been on many antibiotics because I kept getting sick over there. I also went to a dermatologist, and an infectious disease specialist. Going back to infectious disease on Friday. I haven't told any doctors. I... guess I have to tell someone, right? I just worry because it's so little and I feel fine... I don't want to make it seem like I'm making something out of nothing, but... there's blood in my stool.

What do I do? what happens now?


it is very important to see what have you eat or drink during traveling. maybe you had some reaction, I can't tell. I know that for me is very common to see a blood in stool after drinking some juices that contain ginger or carrot, but also it is happening to me when I drink alcohol. 

do you have just blood or puss that contains blood?

this condition is usually called a traveler diarrhea and like I have already mentioned, it is caused by eating food, or drinking water, it doesn't matter, because, in so many occasions, this water can be contaminated by microbes including bacteria, viruses, and different parasites.




Hello there.

I did some research about this a couple of years ago.

This happened to my niece as well and we all were worried about this. It looks like that this condition is known as traveler diarrhea and it can occur that sometimes there is a blood in the stool as well.

It can happen for several reasons.For example, it can be caused by eating food, or drinking water, contaminated by microbes, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Blood in stool in this case can be nothing, but one thing I would suggest you - If you have blood in your stool you should seek medical intervention, just to be sure what is going on.

It can happen because of salt imbalance in your body...