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hi im 12 years old n i keep gettin diarrhea for no surten reason it would be helpful if u could tell me why im getting diarrhea thanks luke


Diarrhea is having a change in your bowel movement and pass unusually loose stool. As a matter of fact, diarrhea can be caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites (tiny organisms that live inside a larger organism), medicines such as antibiotics, foods such as milk, or diseases that affect the digestive system. But sometimes no cause for diarrhea can be found. So I guess in your case you have eaten food or drink water which is contaminated by bacteria so you have to be careful about your health and be aware on the food you eat and water you drink to avoid this kind of situation because diarrhea can be a serious problem. In fact, nowadays, diarrhea is a common problem and a lot of people died because of this. So children who has diarrhea must drink a special liquid that has all the nutrients they need because this is the best treatment that could replaced the lost fluids. And aside from that some of these solutions are also best treatment for children with diarrhea in which these are sold without a prescription in grocery stores or drugstores such as Pedialyte, Ceralyte, or Infalyte. Therefore you can prevent this kind of situation by being careful. :D

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