"Total Body Formula" and "Total Body Mega Formula" are the dietary supplements that got recalled by their manufacturer Total Body Essential Nutrition Inc. of Woodstock, Ga.

The recall was voluntarily made after some consumers allegedly got sick due to high amounts of minerals.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, and state health departments are on the field inspecting over a hundred cases of acute poisoning from these two products.

The eight- and 32-ounce bottles of "Total Body Formula" dietary supplement in tropical orange and peach nectar flavors and the 32-ounce bottles of "Total Body Mega Formula" in orange/tangerine flavor have been found to contain excess amounts of selenium and chromium.
The F DA found extremely high levels of selenium - over 200 times the amount of selenium per serving indicated on the products' labels. Selenium and chromium are trace minerals needed only in small amounts for good health.

The adverse reactions that occurred five to 10 days of daily ingestion of the products were nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, joint pain and fatigue. These symptoms were likely to be followed by hair loss, nail brittleness and neurological abnormalities (such as numbness and other odd sensations in the hands, arms, legs or feet), as well as kidney and liver dysfunction.

"Total Body Formula" and "Total Body Mega Formula” were distributed to retailers and sold through direct mail order to stores and customers in at least 15 states.