There have been 31 infections reported with the Salmonella bug in UK since March this year and three of the infected ended up in hospitals recently. The infection hasn’t been linked to any special foods yet but it has been linked to Cadbury's Marlbrook plant in Herefordshire, where contamination has been detected from a leaking pipe. This plant produces 97,000 tones of milk chocolate every year and Cadbury withdrew most of its products from the shelves in prevention since there was no proof that the infection came from the chocolate.

Among the 31 infected, most of them were children around age 4 who are more vulnerable to these infections since they have week immune systems. There is no new regarding the cases that have been hospitalized.

Both the Food Standards Agency and the Health Protection Agency are still investigating probable infection sources but after ongoing epidemiological and microbiological investigation no clew has been found yet. However, Cadbury chocolate is the only food that has been withdrawn from the market and returned to the manufacturer.

Previous salmonella outbreaks, with the same Montevideo strain, have been linked to contaminated cooked chicken, sesame seed-based products and tomatoes around the world.
More investigation is on the way.