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Hey Penny-Yeah, I hear you on wondering if the surgery was worth it to begin with, but what can you do, right? Hopefully time will help.

Bea, what did your Dr. say, to wait right. ha, what a game, the waiting game is with all of this stuff.

I have been ok, went to a professional interview thing the other day and when I was in the car -the seat belt must have caused c**p to come out on my dress, Ugh...luckily I was able to stop at a laundrymat and wash my clothes. ha.... and I got free drying time, so that was good. I usually give myself a long time when I am going far, so I was lucky. I didn't have another set of dress clothes, just jeans.

Anyway, I go back Monday and of course will let you guys know what the deal is.

Be good ladies, always thinking of you all. B


Hi Girls,
Just checking in. Nothing major to report. I think the fistula is a bit infected and I'm getting white smelly discharge reminiscent of earlier repairs.

B - The doctors said wait when I saw them after the x-ray scan but at the time there was no evidence of the repair breaking down. Now it may be different - but I don't see them again until 4 March so watch this space in a couple of weeks. I'll be interested to hear what you are told on Monday as I think you are getting evidence that the repair is still lettign stuff through. I had a very odd sensation like the fistula was trying to push something through earlier today but maybe it was a referred thing.

Penny - I also am hearing your message about the surgery but once you have started it is difficult to stop. My consultant warned me that the fistula could return after the reversal - but he didn't warn me that the repair still might not work while I had the stoma. I just feel I have to try. What I do if the it returns after a reversal - that really would be a poser. I would consider just having a stoma I think.

Keep in touch with your progress both. Hope everyone is well. Today is sunny here and warmer so Spring is on the way which is good.


Hi Everyone,

B, I'm sorry to hear about your incident but it sounds like you did really well at handling the situation. I had similar occurences but was always near home so could go home for the repair. I had one time when the clip opened when I was less than careful and other times I think I was overfull and it poured forward instead of down. Not fun but you clean up and move on.
Tomorrow I see my colorectal person to get, I think, final messages regarding my repair, my wound, etc. I need to check in about diet. I'm slowly introducing higher fiber stuff.
I think I'm slowly able to feel good about the reversal. Up to this point I think I've just been worrying about my infection, my operated on muscle, my diet. You do start to feel like you're a survivor. Just being able to handle all that we've had to to make things better. I think we have to give ourselves so much credit.
Keep us posted and I you!


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