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I am a 32 yr. old male and I had a tonsillectomy and uvula reduction on Friday Dec, 5th. 2008 This is day 6 of my recovery and it has been a rough ordeal for me. The first 3 days wasnt too bad, I thought I would be lucky like some on here and have a unpleasant but ok experience...But since day 4 I have been in severe throat and ear pain.. Just as I was FINALLY managing those symptoms, my uvula began making me gag as scabs began to form. I have a very sensitive and strong gag relfex, so once it started I have been gagging as I feel my uvula and strands of scab material dangling.. The gagging and vomitting motions I am sure have not helepd the healing process.

The question I have regards to the tonsillar beds that remain after the tonsillary capusle was removed... My tonsils were very large, slightly smaller than a golf ball. so I have two deep pits/holes in the back of my throat.

!. Do these close? I am afraid to eat becasue the various things i did try to eat like noodles got stuck in them.

2. Does gargling with hydrogen peroxide help with the buildup of mucus and dripping scab material?

3. Any remedies for the scabs dangling?

Good luck everyone....I'm looking forward to gettin better soon and I wish you all a speedy recovery..


Hi Guy,
I also had a tonsillectomy on 12/5/08. So today is day 8 and I STILL FEEL HORRIBLE!! I'm 36 yo female. I didn't get a specific sizing of my tonsils from my doc, only he always exclaimed "they're sooooo huge!!" lol I got for a post-op visit this coming Thurs 12/18/08 and I'll be glad to get an answer on how huge was huge because golf balls are pretty darn big! My doc initially wanted to do a uvula reduction as well, but a few days before surgery at the pre-op I told him I didn't agree and didn't want that surgery. After we talked, he concurred. His only recommendation for the uvula was to help with snoring, which I don't have a big problem with in the first place. He was going on information from a recent sleep study I had where it indicated heavy snoring but I'd already told them I'd been sick for months and only snore when I'm sick or have been drinking. I'd recently vacationed with family and again with my girlfriends (sharing rooms for weeks) and again they confirmed I don't snore so after the HORROR stories I read about uvula sugeries, I just couldn't do it. At this point, I regret the tonsils too, but i KNOW it'll be worth it, I'd just hoped it would be worth it sooner. :-( Anyway, sorry to digress.

I also found the first couple days not so bad but was told that's because for up to 48 hours after surgery, you could still be feeling the effects of the anesthesia. I originally thought, wow, this is going to be ok. Until day 4 too, oddly enough. That was the beginning of pure HELL. By that day, my pain meds (liquid loritab) didn't seem to even touch my pain and didn't help one bit with the ear pain that I was told probably wouldn't even begin until week 2. Days 4, 5 and 6 so far were my worst days. I was feeling bad enough and not getting pain relief so I dropped down on fluid intake so started a vicious cycle of fevers. Spent 3 days freezing cold, burning up hot, soaked from the difference but too weak to move or care. FINALLY yesterday (day 7) I started to have a better day and did everything I could to get fluids back on track and it's been so much better. I finally was able to get bathed and warm. That had only been my 3rd shower since surgery. It still takes me over an hour to handle the ordeal. I feel puny, weak, tired, sore and plain raw. I'm soooo thirsty and would love to chug a gallon of liquid but at best, can take tiny sips but I'm ademant and even though it takes me hours, I get through my liquids and can definately tell the difference in days I stay very hydrated and those days that I don't. ARE YOU DRINKING A LOT?? If not, do so and you'll be amazed how everything else gets better. I also could feel a LOT of mucous building up in my throat, almost so much I couldn't swallow, so I kept drinking. Over a couple days, the swallowing got better and the mucous more manageable. My uvula, since it wasn't removed, was about 6 sizes bigger after surgery due to the inflammation and seemed sooooo gross with all the junk hanging from it, but it's gotten better too. It's still big, but not like it was. I also have big cavaties where the tonsils were and have that same question--will those close or get smaller. I'm asking my surgeon on Thurs. Your questions and mine have helped me with my list of follow up questions. Today, end of day 8, I feel better, but worse. Overall, I can breathe better, just feel better overall. However, I still see nothing but gross mucous in the back of my throat, but do see the outter edges are clearing up a bit and a slight reddening around the edges, but it's skin with no build up. My biggest complaint other than dehydration and fever days 4-6 have been COUGHING, very severe since day 3. I also had surgery to repair a deviated septum but not a septoplasty. He did a less invasive procedure where the whole mucosa and lining of the nasal "wall"/ the middle part isn't taken out of the nose to repair. This was the EASIEST part and I think normally people go back to work after a few days. I've just found I can't breathe out of the right nostril so I'm hoping maybe there's just a scab or dried blood, something that he can fix on Thurs. I do NOT want an additional procedure. I feel like some of my recent coughing fits are due to the nasal surgery. I'd had recurrent sinuse infections for years, but most recently in Sept that never went away, in fact I was taking antibiotics again Thanksgiving in preperation for my surgery. I think the septum repair has definately helped, and mucous is flowing better, but something's still not right. Also, for about the last year, when I need to sneeze, my throat gets tickly and I'll cough until the sneeze comes. I think that's what's happening now, but I haven't been able to sneeze?? I cough so hard I gag and end up vomiting. It's been very painful and like you, I'm sure the trauma isn't good on any of my mangled, healing parts. I finally had to flush my nasal passages (with isontonic salt solution) last night to try and help whatever was making me want to sneeze because I'd been hovering over a bowl in tears and coughing straight for hours. The flush which would probably give my surgeon a heat attack actually helped but I won't do it again unless I'm desparate. I'm just trying to take it very easy and do nothing to cause the coughing to flare up, which is hard since it doesn't take much. I haven't been taking pain meds in 2 days since the relief isn't there. My ears ache terribly but i just read about the heat so I'm going to try that. My doc has banned Ibu which I'd really LOVE to take, so I'm sticking to tylenol. I'm hoping to avoid the bleeding heard about around days 7-11. I have to sleep pretty much sitting up. This helps my swelling, total throat pain, and keeps me from spending the night hacking up a lung. I've not had much to eat even though I had high hopes and really wanted to get protein, figuring a good diet would help recovery, but truth is I'm just so sick feeling I can't take it. I've done a lot of room temp broths and when I'm feeling frisky, try some chicken noodle, although no matter how well I chew, feels like the noodles stick in my throat. I didn't do well with mashed potatoes either and don't even want to try macaroni yet. I do like tapioca pudding and that's been a life saver. It goes down smooth, doesn't stick to my throat and is cool in temp. Jello has been too sweet and glumpy so I don't like it. Applesauce was good at first, but seems the taste is getting worse so I haven't had it lately. I also found gatorade and sodas burn my throat. I've drank a lot of water. I have just now been able to drink gatorade again, but have to take it slow and room tempature. I do ok with milk, haven't even tried tea. Apple juice burns. I've lost 15 pounds in 8 days. Not a good diet plan, seriously and I know it's not healthy. I get concerned since this doesn't seem to be getting better. Doc talks like day 10 is the magic day, but I just can't imagine it right now. Does anyone else have sores in their mouth, on tongue that makes it even harder to talk and eat? I've gone to swishing with salted tepid water couple times a day to help these because they got so bad. Didn't know if that was a side effect of the surgery or the drugs or what? My lips are swollen, chapped (even though I keep stuff on them), and burn. So anyway, I've rambled here--sorry. I haven't talked in a week!!! LOL I do not regret this surgery. I just regret the downplay it gets from everyone that ISN'T or HASN'T had it. Everyone says, "you're STILL SICK?" as if I should be running around by now. I have a high profile, stressful job and go back 12/22. I even wonder if that's too soon. Well day 9 is tomorrow and on day 13 I see the doc again. I could hit some stride between now and then....a girl can hope can't she? I elected for 12/5 because I wanted to be good to go by Christmas, but i have visions of me bundled up and sickly in the arm chair like I was last weekend for the tree decorating. ONly this time, I'll have to also put my dinner in the blender and hope to get a whopping few teaspoons down before I cough so much I vomit it all up. WWWAAAAHHHH! Noboby said grown ups make good paitents. I told my doc first day that I'm the biggest baby ever!

Please help me with the mough sores if anyone has had that. Also, at what point will all the black, white, nastiness in back of throat go away?


ok I waited a full week before posting my story because I was waiting for the hell to begin!!!

I was scheduled to have surgery on Jan 15 of 09 and I decided to do all the wrong things beforehand. I watched the surgery video online, I read every article (good or bad) on the surgery and by the time I was going into the hospital I was so scared out of my mind I wanted someone to knock me out and wake me up 2 weeks later after I had healed!!!!

I have suffered with the dreaded tonsil stones and strep for my entire life and at 37 I decided I didn't want to keep sticking pencils down my throat every day to clean out my tonsils so I went to my ENT and told them to take them out!!!!

I was prepared for 2 or 3 weeks of pure Hell, took a week off of work and got myself mentally prepared.

I went in at 6am, the dr came out and talked to me for awhile, they knocked me out and I woke up feeling a little sore but not too bad.

My partner recorded the event so I could watch it later and that has been a lot of fun seeing myself "drunk" for the first time.

I went home and slept a lot the first day and woke to minimal pain. To my surprise everyday was minimal pain. On a scale of 1-10 I would give my pain a 4 on the worst day. (that in mind I have a high tolerance anyway)

I started to eat a few days later and have had no complications other than being very tired and by tired I mean I fell asleep in the isle at Target lol!

I am at day 7 now and still feel tired but I will take tired over pain any day!!!! I am glad I read the post because it made me expect the worst and receive the best.

All in all it has been a positive experience and I will shout from the rooftop about my great ENT Dr Brian Wang of Houston!!!!!

Thanks So Much!!!



Suffering sleep apnea , the doc pencilled me in for a Tonsilectomy, Upp, and Septum straightening.

Its been pretty hellish to be honest, but now that I've alerted my ENT (the distinguished Dr Ian Bernardt of Perth Australia) that I've had a pretty hard tie, he put me on some prednisolone and a folksy little nasal spray featuring sesamea oil thats actually done wonders moisturizing my scabby horrible nose.

Coming out of surgery felt like waking up in hell. I was either grossly over medicated or I was fainting from pain. for a few days I found it really hard to breathe properly due to the plugs in my nose for the septum operation, and that meant my throat was drying out constantly due to being forced to mouth breath. Once the plugs where out, the breathing got much better but OMG how much blood is there in a head!

I really wish I had more positive things to say about the procedure, but only 8 days out I stil havent been able to eat anything more solid than a plate of 2 minute noodles after I accidently ate twice the dose of the painkiller (oxy codone) and ended up stoned as hell, lol.

I've managed to get rid of the oxy-codone, as effective as it was, because it is a powerful narcotic, and easy to become addicted to, and I've replaced it with something called "tramodol". Its not really as effective, but it doesn't turn me into some sort of stoned zombie like the oxy-codone did. I'm hoping to get back to work soon, and high-as-hell aint a good office look.

I've decided to take vitamins because at least I need to be putting SOME sort of nutrients into my body. I've got a bit of a gut thats providing some nice fat supplies for the body to live of , and thats A-OK with me. Lost 6kg so far, and thats awesome.

But it really hurts man, and this hasnt been much fun for me. I'm told by both my GP and ENT that this should solve the Sleep Apnea , and that means my usual sleepy self will become a new bright shiny self. Well I guess Im waking up pretty rested already, although usually having to leap out of bed to get some pain killers in me fast.

What a journey.