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I have little red lumps on the head of my penis , which are not itchy and i have a couple of red lumps on my testicals which can get itchy , one of them has gone away so im thinking the other will go away.. I also have little red lumps on the back of my legs as well as my arms on groin.. Could this be because of a new laundry powder i have started to use or is it something else ???


Yes, it could be something as simple as a new laundry product.
Try switching back, or make absolutely certain that the rinse is complete before you remove the clothes.

If you like, try a new set of underwear, but if you continue to have itchy raised red spots, you will want to get them checked out at the medical clinic.

You might also try to back off from nuts, or citrus, or tomatoes, or anything that you might be allergic to.

It is not uncommon to have red dots on the scrotum, but if these are itchy, it's a sign of a reaction or an infection.

Be sure to change your underwear regularly, and no sexual partners until you have an answer for this, right?