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i have a red spot on my penis and i dont know what it is, i am 16 years old and so is my girlfriend and i have had full sex with my girlfriend unpretected, she is on the pill so that is fine but i had sex with her yesterday and this morning i woke up and i had a red spot on my penis near the bottom just above my pubic hair, it hurts abit when i touch it and is irritating when out and about. im to scared to tell anyone or go to the doctor i have a picture if needed. please help me im worried, also ive been working out resently and i dont know if it is because of sweat or something? please help thank you.

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Could it be an abrasion from doing it with her? Sometimes if I don't get the position where the vagina isn't straightly aligned with my penis it could get grinded not just the penis head (nice :D) but also grinded on where the penis was kinda bent. What does it look like? Is the red spot flat? I noticed it's been a few days since. So has the spot healed? Does it give a burning feeling? How does it hurt?