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about a week ago i noticed a small red spot on my penis's shaft. I'm not sure what exactly is it... but it seems to have gotten a little bigger (its a little less than 1mm now) during the duration of the week.

I've never had sex before, nor had oral sex. So i'm curious to know what it might be. I'm getting worried here.... I dont think it could be a STD considering I've only fingered and made out with a girl.

So, anyone got any idea whats wrong with me. I've never had any problems like this before (least I dont remember...)

I've also just noticed that the skin spot / bumb that is red is semi-dry skin compared to the rest of my penis shaft.



Okay, today I've noticed it looks more like a rash than anything else.

Can someone list me certain infections or rashs that you can get on your penis?

It looks kind of similar to poison ivy.

get back to me asap please!