i am having this problem from two weeks. My Symptoms are. dryness in all penis swelling sensitivity inflammation of penis skin. irritation soreness of glans. sometimes mild to severe burning sensation itching and mild pain in all penis. changing of color dryness in glans especially corona sutures region of glans. stickiness of skin especially in scrotum. currently using Hydrocortisone cream 1% , it made penis more soft with no help. have used aloe vera gel coconut oil for few days with no effect. kindly watch the pics and tell me what is my actual problem. so i can seek medications. i don't know its balanitis or not. if it is of which kind. before few months ago during masturbation i noticed that head of my penis head has alot of cracks and my skin fell off just a little in the glans of penis. A small red spot of injury appeared, after 2 days a whitish hardened layer covered the injury, (you can see in picture whitish spots on left side of glans penis). please help me out i have no specialist in area and the pharmacist seems to have no idea about my problem. i will be very thankful.

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