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Although teens think that skipping breakfast is a good way to save on calories new research suggests quite the opposite and claims that eating healthy breakfast daily can help adolescents to avoid overeating later in the day and might help disrupt unhealthy eating patterns. During the research scientists observed connection between breakfast frequency and five – year body weight change in more than 2000 adolescents. Results of the study
indicated that people who eat daily breakfast are more physically active when compared to people who skip breakfast in their adolescent period.

After the research it was also mentioned that after five years people who eat breakfast every day gain less weight and have lower body mass index than people who skipped breakfast as adolescents. Researchers suggest that eating breakfast can have important effects on overall diet and obesity risk but some experimental studies are needed to confirm those observations.


Hello Miia.

It has been know for a long time that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  You have to consider that your body has been fasting over night and is low on fuel.  It needs to be stocked up with food again to begin a new day.  In fact this is the time to take in sugars from fruit.  This helps to replenish your lost glucose stores that occured over night.  This will make you alert mentally and physically strong to perform the way you should in the morning.  If you don't eat you will be sluggish all morning and then you will tend to over eat for lunch and eat all the wrong things while you're doing it.