The pill is not new on the market, it’s already been used in helping smokers quit or cut back but helping alcoholics do the same with alcohol as smokers have done with nicotine is certainly a new indication.

Varenicline, as the drug is called, is already on the market under brand names Chantix in U.S. and Canada and Champix in Europe.

There have been no tests done on humans yet but the rats’ studies showed this drug cut desire for alcohol by 50%. Alcoholic rats even refrained from alcohol long after they stopped taking the drug which is not the case with other anti-alcohol drug and treatments available so far.
Since 85% of alcoholics are believed to smoke, the researchers believe that these patients will be able to take one drug for both conditions.

Varenicline is the kind of drug that targets the center of the brain that releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good that is temporarily triggered by drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. The new drug Varenicline shuts down the release of dopamine, which then shuts off the desire.

WHO reports say that alcohol causes almost two million deaths every year. Although the drug’s release may be long way off, it still gives hope it will reduce alcohol consumptions when it does.