Scientists developed new type of antibiotic when soil – dwelling bacteria was made to fight against another strain bacteria. This led to new antibiotic and researchers hope that it will help in treating stomach ulcers in humans which are cause by Helicobacter pylori. During the research experts provoked Rhodococcus into producing antibiotic by forcing them to grow in the presence of a competing bacteria that produces an antibiotic that normally kills other bacteria. Results of the study reported that Rhodococcus started producing its own antibiotic which killed off the Streptomyces.

Later, researchers found that this bacteria was effective in fighting other strains of bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori. Researchers claim that this represents good start for finding new antibiotics. However mystery remains why did Rhodococcus started to produce antibiotic in the first place. Some researchers claim that some kind of interaction of the two bacterial genomes produced the new antibiotic but it’s not yet confirmed. When scientists find what caused Rhodococcus to produce antibody they could manipulate bacterial genomes in order to find new antibiotics.