Recent study found that high levels of glucose and insulin can lead to risk of developing recurrent colorectal cancer. Experts claim that increased level of glucose is associated with recurrence of colon polyps which represent precursor lesions to colon cancer.

Results of the study are very important because they represent medical implantations that glycemic control is of great importance in patients with a history of colorectal polyps. Researchers say that even an early sign of insulin resistance ( a precursor of diabetes) can be related of recurrence of the polyps that can grow into invasive cancer.

Results of the study reported that patients who had increased level of glucose and insulin as well had about 50% increased risk of developing colorectal cancer recurrence. What is also important is the fact that they found that patients with history of colorectal cancer in family had even more increased risk of developing cancer due to elevated levels of insulin and glucose when compared to normal population.