Experts found that flour fortified with folic acid is related to increase of colon cancer diagnosis in North America. Folic acid is a chemical form of vitamin B and it has been added to wheat flour for years. First signs of influence of folic acid to people’s health was noticed when experts linked folic acid with reduced rate of a specific birth defect that had an influence to the development of the spinal cord. In the same time, the amount of colorectal cancer cases began to rise.

Experts say that a careful reconsideration of this program is needed because folic acid can be beneficial in some cases but in others it can be detrimental. Because the risk of fortification varies when it comes to age, researchers suggest that targeting women who are in reproductive age while lowering levels of folic acid in food for which fortification is optional could be considered as a good solution.

Because of the results that claim reduction of birth defect due to folic acid many countries have implemented a kind of folic acid fortification. But it’s very important to observe and balance the risk as well as the benefit of this fortification. Exposure to high levels of folic acid in early stages of life may provide long protection from risk of different types of cancer formation while such exposures can later in life when cell damage occurs induce the advance of the tumour developing.