I tried Ambien in the past and found it to be very effective so I took the doctors advice when he prescribed it to me 6 months after I relocated to Denver CO. My prescription came with 4 additional refills that cost me only .22 with my plan. I started taking this drug every night at bedtime and before I knew it my body became dependent on it.  Please be reminded that I did not take this drug with alcohol nor did I take more than the prescribed 10MG per night.


I relocated at my new companies expense.

After 6months and about the same time I started taking Ambien my job performance started to suffer. I worked as a Territory Manager so I would always meet my direct report on the road. I received constant negative feedback on my reviews.  My cognitive skills suffered in the mornings, I had memory loss, major depression, loss of enjoyment, disassociation and my social skills suffered

I never associated the problems I was suffering with this drug until it was too late. This went on for over a year and it was only after losing my employment that I looked into Ambien. I fell victim to every side affect that is associated to this drug.

This all commenced in July 2015 and I stopped taking it in September of 2016 after losing my employment Since being Ambien free for over 3 months,

I now reflect in horror on the past year while taking this drug and cannot believe that I fell victim to something that was so easily prescribed to me. I am having flashbacks of major depression, loss of life enjoyment, anxiety, bouts of anger and most importantly being terminated. Basically a whole year has been erased from my life and I need answers.

 This is a short -term prescription only and yet I called in for 2 new prescriptions that had 4 refills attached without consultation, or concern.

A whole year of taking it has caused me irreparable damages and I want to know what the responsibilities of the prescribing doctor and manufacturer of this drug is and why I did not receive any verbal warnings or concerns about the ramifications of long term use of this drug.I am ashamed and angry for not catching the signs until it was too late. I want to sue my Doctor as well as the manufacture for Damages. Can I do this?. I am devastated at the position this experience has left me in and I cannot forget the damages that it has caused me .



Thank you