49 years old with a loving spouse and children. No history of chemical dependency. Took appropriate prescribed dose of 10 MG every night. Busy life at home... Especially overwhelmed by necessary surgery three times in, 2 1/2 years. Started increasing ambien on my own. I am an intelligent lovely person with good career as an RN for approx. 20 years. Started eating a lot after ambien at night. Shopped online and incurred approx. $50K.
Doctor Shopped and bought ambien online. Had a few grand Mal seizures. Hospitalized after the worst one. Despite this continued with ambien use, /abuse. Last evening of ambien Abuse took 21 ambien CR. Next afternoon, not even 24 hours later, took 9 more. Very sick... Physically and emotionally. Hospitalized, detox ed and went to drug rehab. Have been sober and in recovery since 2/09/11. Took about 2 years for me to feel like myself. Looking back at things I did and understanding what a confused mess I was, Cannot even believe that was me. The addicted me was depressed, suicidal, and withdrawn from life. Almost lost my husband and children. Very, very wonderful to see this topic is being discussed and written about. I do get frustrated when people say that addiction is a choice... And a poor behavior.
And that addiction being called a disease is an excuse. Of course it is not an excuse... But it is a terrible awful state of sickness.... My ambien addiction was becoming worse and worse and I suffered physically, mentally and spiritually. The sadness part though, is that rather than ask for help I almost died, a few times: and I almost made my husband a widower and my children without a mother. Any addiction is terrible... And am flabbergasted that I took 21 ambien CR and then the remaining 9--30 over 24 hours!!!
Thank-You for reading and I hope my story can help in somewaysome way.