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I had tight frenulum and got frenuloplasty done around a month and a half ago but sill cannot retract the foreskin completely. I can uncover my head of the penis and a centimeter and a half after that, but if i try to retract more than that, the frenulum/surgical site does not allow it. Is this retraction enough to do sex normally?? Pls tell.


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Did the doctor understand how far you wanted to be able to retract it?
If this isn't what you expected, you should tell him/her.
It's certainly enough to work. You could have sex even if it didn't retract at all, but if you wanted it to go way back,the doctor should have been aware of what you wanted, before cutting anything.

Mine simply tore by itself when I began having sex, several times, until it was not even there. Now my foreskin goes all the way back so the tip is at the bottom of the shaft. I like it that way and if I was paying some doctor to cut it, that's what I would expect.


Having sex with a non-retractile foreskin depends on just how tight your foreskin is. If it is really narrow and absolutely won't retract, then you can have penetrative sex without pain. On the other hand, if it just a little bit tight, then it is likely to be forced back during sex and that will hurt because it is tight. It only hurts when a tight foreskin is forced back. In that case, it probably would be better to stretch your foreskin until it glides easily back and forth

It is not necessary to have a foreskin that will retract. Some men live their entire lives with a non-retractable foreskin. They can masturbate, have penetrative sex, get married, and father children with a foreskin that does not retract. Some
believe that a penis with a non-retractile foreskin has more sensation and that sex is better. One just needs to see that your partner is well lubricated before you attempt penetration. One may need to add some personal lubricant if she does not lubricate.