Researchers developed new medical imager which can detect ultra small breast tumors. This imager can not only detect tumors but also guide the biopsy of suspicious – looking cancer lesions. Experts say that this imager is the first of this kind and it should provide great benefit for breast tumor treatment and detection.

During the tests of this new imager researchers imaged various radioactive sources to test the resolution of the system. Results showed that they had good performance characteristics. This device has image resolution below 2 mm while regular PET has image resolution over 5 mm. One other benefit of this imager is that it could complete image and biopsy in the same amount of time as traditional biopsy. This imager is unique because it’s the only one that can do biopsy in the same time.

Biopsy is performed with a person – controlled robot arm and this imager is of great importance for women who have indeterminate mammograms because of fibro glandular breasts.