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This probably is a very odd question. I am 22 year old male. Went out with my girl about a month ago i think. We din't really have sex as such because there was no penetration at anytime. I did rub my penis on her vagina but made sure I din't penetrate. Plus, she is still a virgin. She is 5 days late on her periods. Its worrying us both. Could it be possible that my precum could have caused pregnancy? I din't come anywhere near her vagina though. Please help... Really confused and really Worried.


Well since you said you didnt stick it in her, then shes perfectly fine, shes not pregnant at all. Having Late period is perfectly normal for girls. it just means that either

1) her body is going though some changes

2) if shes under alot of stress then that could be another cause.

3) exercise and weight problems. if shes losing alot of body fat, it can cause her to miss her period.

4) if shes taking any medications then that could be a cause of her late period.

i doubt that shes pregnant, because you said yourself that you didnt penetrate or didnt ejaculate near her vagina, even if you ejaculated near he vagina, she still wont get pregnant because the penis has to be inside the vagina when you ejaculate for her to be prego.

hope that lessens your worries. xD