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I am 21 years old, 145lbs and 5'10". Healthy, good diet and exercise. No prior heath problems. I got on Seasonale about 8 weeks ago and I haven't been on the pill for a long time. After the second week into my first pack I started to have serious skin breakouts. I have very clear skin and I have never broken out like this before. On top of this my skin became itchy everywhere very often, I mean shoulders, arms, face, you name it.

Okay, it is going to get kind of gross but I really want to know if anyone has any ideas because I am very concerned. I plan on seeing my doctor as soon as I can sort out a medical insurance issue.

Next I passed blood in my stool. Then about three days ago I began a very painful period. This is week 8. But it wasn't like my normal periods. Since I was seventeen I have always had painful periods, that midol couldn't even dent and this one is no different. But my periods are usually heavy and this one was very light, and tonight I had a very large tissue come from me. It was about 3-4in long bright blood. On top of all that I have had a brown discharge.

I have been down for the last two days my stomach is irritable. Every time I eat I feel queasy. This could be from a stomach flu that has been going around at work, but I don't feel sick any other way than this. This eating irritation is on top of my severe cramping.

After writing all this I think I really need to go to a doctor, but can anyone relate or have any ideas? I have heard that possibly my liver is unable to process the hormones in the BC.

Thank You In Advance,


SEASONALE is an interesting pill! NOT ALL owmen IMMEDIATELY skip periods! A LOT OF WOMEN have bleeding and funny looking spotting on that pill for the first 3-4 months. Your body has to get used to the idea that there will be no more periods.

MANY women do have extreme nausea and stomach problems with the pill, but it is still soemthing you can be seen for.


hey nicole,
it's so releaving to know that I'm not the only one! I've had similar problems, bad stomach aches, weird periods, but mine all started after the 4th month. My skins not itchy, but definite breakouts, blood in the stool and a large tissue coming from me... (that freaked me out!) Most people on seasonale say just to wait it out for the first six months and the symptoms go away and never come back! I'm praying that's the case because I only have a little longer to go! :-P I haven't been to the doctor, due to the whole swine flu thing it takes FOREVER to get in, if you end up getting to the doc! feel free to share the diagnosis! :-P