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Are you taking oral antibiotics for acne and breakouts? If so, you may be one pill away from a serious sore throat. Researchers have found that use of antibiotics might change the balance of throat bacteria, allowing infection-causing germs to multiply.
While it is not certain that acne antibiotics cause the achy throats, scientists believe that the long-term use of these medications may change the bacteria balance. The bad germs get killed off and the good germs, also, get killed off. The theory is that germs that cause infections are allowed to multiply and they are resistance to acne antibiotics. It turns out, it is not this simple. 

The dermatology scientist, Dr. Margolis, MD, Ph.D, determines, "Our studies show that the odds of developing self-reported pharyngitis (sore throat) is more than three times baseline in patients receiving oral antibiotics for acne versus the odds for those who are not receiving oral antibiotics. The true clinical importance of these findings needs to be evaluated further by prospective studies."  The reason for this has put a kink in the theory that good organisms are squashed out by the antibiotics, so then, the sore throat is caused by other organisms that are allowed to take over.

What to Do for a Sore Throat

A sore throat is usually a symptom of some sort of infection, viral or bacterial. It can be simple or it could require antibiotics. If you have a sore throat that doesn’t go away after a couple of days, you should see a doctor. There are many home remedies, however, that help alleviate a sore throat. Here are a few:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps reinforce and intensify the immune system. Taking vitamin C by mouth can also help fight off the viruses that can cause a cold or flu, thus leading to a sore throat. What’s more, it can be found in oranges, tangerines, tomatoes, broccoli and other fruits and vegetables. You can also easily take it in an oral capsule form or chewable tablet form. To help fight a sore throat, you will need to take at least 1000 mg a day.

Over-the-Counter Medicines

Your local pharmacy may have something that works for you. There are several lozenges, sprays, and oral medications that offer some relieve. These agents simply numb the throat to provide comfort. Also, for more severe pain, try ibuprofen (Motrin) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Honey and Lemon Tea

One old-fashioned remedy is honey and lemon tea. You just mix a tablespoon of honey with a dash of lemon into a hot water mixture. Stir this up and sip it to relieve the pain and inflammation.

Garlic and Echinacea

There are two herbs that act as medications for a sore throat. Garlic and Echinacea both come in a pill form and many find that these safe, natural products give them relieve of this symptom. Many find that using them together gives maximum relief.