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Learn how to get the flawless skin you've always dreamed of by following our top tips. Using cheat's products - and some nifty tips, like putting cucumber over your eyes, will really pep up your skin.

No-one has perfect skin and although it might seem like someone has smooth, pore-free, gorgeous skin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that's completely untrue. They'll have their off days, where they get spots or get breakouts, or when they develop lumps and bumps on their legs. But there are a few things you can do to make sure that your skin is gorgeously glowing from the inside out, as well as a few cheat's products that you can use to fake your way to perfect skin. After all, we can't all be perfect all of the time!

Drink Water!

We've said it more times than we can count, but if you're dehydrated, your skin will suffer for it - it'll end up dry, flaky and it'll also have an uneven tone and texture.

Hydration is important for every single part of your body, from your organs, to the amount of blood you have to the function of your eyes and how your skin looks.

So drink at least 2 liters of water each day, more if you live in a hot and humid climate and if you do a lot of exercise. Sip throughout the day rather than all in one for the most benefits.


Exfoliation is key for gloriously glowy skin - it sloughs away dead skin cells, removing them so that the new, smooth skin underneath can show through. Do it once a week, or go to a beauty clinic for microdermabrasion treatments once every six to eight weeks - it's basically like a deep exfoliating treatment crossed with a facial. It'll give you flawless skin for weeks - plus, it's the perfect way to make sure your skin glows before you go to a big event. Although getting it done once will give you some benefits, if you get it done regularly, it'll make a huge difference.

Spots and Breakouts

If you get blackheads, spots or if your skin breaks out, it'll stop your skin from looking its very best. But there are a few things you can do to banish spots when they appear, or to cover them up if you can't quite get rid of them before you head out. As soon as you spot aspot (see what we did there?) apply a dot of toothpaste to the spot. It'll "draw out" the spot (sounds yucky) and make it come to the surface, which means that it'll heal more quickly. This might do the trick, but you may well need to cover it up with a little bit of concealer once it's "broken", so just keep an eye out.

There are also some good spot correcting lotions and potions that you can put right on top of your spot, that'll help to draw it out as well as cover it up.

Look for formulas that work for you and if you break out regularly, look for something that contains hyularonic acid, as it'll do wonders for your skin.

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