I have been on antidepressant and antiphyscotic medication for months now, I had been a heavy weed smoker and stopped for 2 months in that time i felt better. I take 100mg of sertraline, and 50mg of loxopine, but I just recently started taking that as I was on 4mg of respiridone before that. However, I started craving weed again and decided to start smoking again.. I was fine for a couple of weeks and then the last time I decided to smoke I smoked 2 bongs and haven't felt the same since. I feel really spaced out, surreal, almost like depersonalization/derealization. 

I realize that it probably wasn't the best idea to mix the two, but I had done it in the past with no real problem. At this point I'm just hoping I haven't done any long term damage, and that I will start feeling back to normal soon. It's been 3 days and I still feel terrible, has anyone else ever had this happen and if so how long did it last for? 

I'm desperate for some sort of answers, I'm going back to see the doctor on Wednesday but it's driving my anxiety through the roof.