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Hi There,

I am a 25 year old women and I have been advised that I have degenerative disc and discs that are bulging in my 4th and 5th lumbar. I am doing floor exceriese each day before I start my day but what I would like to know is there anything else I can do to get rid of this completely? I really would like to be able to live life normally and not have pain's anymore in my back ... for me most of the pain is in my bum area as my issue is nerves also .. any advise on what else I can do? I have been to my GP and had an MRI completed.

Thanks for your help!


Hello there! Exercise is good but you may need to put some additional efforts.
Surgery is rarely advised for young individuals because DDD usually fixes on its own, the pain doesn’t get worse but subsides but it happens over the course of (many) years. The discs become stronger and stiffer with age and therefore stabilize the motion and reduce the pain.
Your main goal is of course to eliminate the pain. Something you can do on your own is quit smoking and lose weight if you are overweight and definitely continue with your exercises regularly. You should also buy appropriate shoes and avoid standing for prolonged periods of time (if possible).
I suppose you have already been given the drug for pain reduction. There are different kinds used and your doctor is usually the one who decides which drug would suit you best.
You may also decide to contact a chiropractor because they may bring relief from pain by taking pressure of sensitive neurological tissue and may also set in motion production of naturally occurring chemicals that reduce pain. Massage has similar characteristics.
What I think also helps people is acupuncture. It may not work for everybody but it brought my father off the floor when he was suffering from the devastating DDD back pain.