I am 69 years old.6 years ago I developed low back pain from spinal stenosis which I have been dealing with.At that time an MRI of tye cervical spine was done because of some neckn pain(neurological exam wa negative). Myelomalacia of cervical spine was discovered at C6/7. Because of lack of symtoms no treatment was advised. Six months ago low back reoccurred. Epidurals & facet injections were unsucessful. two months ago I tried pilates & after about 5 weeks I developed neck pain. I stopped pilates & started Prednisone which relieved my pain(but nleft me with some tingling in the tip of my fifth digit on the left). I had anMRI of myL/S spine done & because my son was a radiologist I had an MRI of my cervical spine done. The neurosurgeon ignored my low back & told me In should have surgery on my neck to avoid further complications & possible paralysis. My neurological exam is is normal except for tingling in my little finger. Any opinions would be appreciated,