I have recurring lower back issues from three herniated discs, I attempted to releive the pain by having facet joint injections in the same area, three days later, it seems the steroid injection lowered my resistance and My whole body became involved in some bacterial infection, I had a bladder and UTI, and they thought was HPylori turned out to be Diverticulitis all at the same time, when they did a CT Scan, I also had an upper resp. or bronchial bacteria called Candida, that my MD also stated was caused by the steroid injections, I have been on anti fungal and several types of anti biotics for almost six weeks. With PPS causing muscle atrophy in my back muscles, and this in turn causes a lack of support of my spine, I also have muscle pain in the upper back, in the muscles that covers the rib cage, from the shoulder blades down to the bottom of the rib cage. Anyone have the same spinal issues with PPS? and if so, any ideas to lessen or reduce the pain?  Thank You FTB4