I have had 3 cervical spine surgeries since November of 2002.

I had 4 herniated disks which manifested with sudden severe neck and right arm pain and spasms.

11/2002 an anterior plate and grafts were installed from C4-7

2/2004 posterior grafting done.

4/2006 Anterior/posterior surgery new plate and grafts C3-7 and support struts C4-6

Back to work part time (computer programmer) stille having difficulty. Latest MRI states:
at C3-4, C4-5,C5-6,C6-7 bilateral Unconveretbral Joint hypertropy and
at C4-5 mild-moderate forminal stenosis and at the other no significant forminal stenosis.

I am still in pain (not as much as before) and am currently on PT/OT hold pending worsening of symptoms with therapy. Physcian doing more evaluation