Hi All. I had a gastroscopy and colonoscopy two weeks ago and the doc confirmed IBS and gastritis. Yesterday I got this "spasm" pain below my left rib cage where a bit of the stomach lining is. I took one of my tablets and an hour later another one. It did nothing. So I just left it. Later last night it started moving up into my rib cage and I had difficulty catching my breath. I had to lay on my left side and kinda roll over onto my breast to take a deep breath. At 2am my baby woke up to play and my husband kept her busy. The pain was worse. I went to a different room and could not get comfortable in any position as they all hurt so bad. I came crying to my husband and he found some strong pain killers. This took the edge off the pain because I managed to fall asleep. Before I fell asleep I could feel this same pain "flowing" (like water) over to my right side. This pain is now where my heart is situated in front and almost in the same spot at the back. During the night when I was trying to breathe or move this pain would shoot in the left side of my neck and it brought on a headache similar to that of a migraine. My entire body hurts now, like my skin is in pain. I am 28 and a smoker. I haven't had alcohol in a very long time and I can't recall anything I did that may have injured a muscle. It's just weird that the pain started in my stomach then moved up to my ribcage and is now in a completely different spot. I can also feel that I have a fever cause I break out in a sweat and hot flushes but the thermometer tells me that my temp is normal. I have tried to explain this in detail so I hope someone has an answer for me. Thanks. :(